Pacific Northwest Bands
Your Guide to Musicians of the Great Pacific Northwest from 1954 to 1979 and their bands from 1954 to Present
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Scotty Harris Band w/Mark Whitman - China Clipper, Shoreline


New Blues Brothers 
Emerald Queen

Blues Alliance
Golden West - 5221 South Tacoma Way

The Mark Whitman Band
Halloween at The New Orleans Restaurant in Pioneer Square

Musicians Seeking Musicians at 
Where Are You?




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Dance Halls


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     Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Band pages.  Here you will find a collection of  OVER ONE THOUSAND Pacific Northwest bands that existed between 1954 and 1979.  There are also NW bands from 1980 to present that had or have as its members, musicians and vocalists who had their early music roots thoroughly entrenched in the early days of Pacific Northwest music from 1954 to 1979. 

     This site was created through the collective efforts of the Northwest musicians, their friends and fans.

     The creation of this website was an accident.  What was originally intended to be about one or two dozen band tribute pages added to The Regents of Tacoma website to pay tribute to the bands playing in the Pacific Northwest with the Regents in the early to mid-1960's got a little out of hand.  No sooner would our webmaster (Sam) finish one page, then one or more of the musicians in that band would ask Sam if he would make a page for their other band.  Well, over one thousand band pages later, Sam is still at it making new or updated pages almost daily.  If you band is not represented in this collection, it is because you haven't submitted the information, not because Sam "missed" you.

If you had or have a NW band that had members from the early days of Pacific Northwest music (1954 - 1979), and would like to have that band represented here, please contact Sam,

Sam doesn't get paid to do this, so if you ever run into him, feel free to buy him a beer.  If you prefer, you can always make a $$ donation via PayPal to help keep the site running (not tax deductible).  Just click on the PayPal logo.

OCTOBER GIGS around Seattle/Tacoma

26th: Scotty Harris Band w/Mark Whitman - China Clipper, Shoreline

31st: New Blues Brothers - Emerald Queen

31st: Blues Alliance - Golden West - 5221 South Tacoma Way

31st: The Mark Whitman Band - Halloween at The New Orleans Restaurant in Pioneer Square

NW Music History Exhibit
The Shoreline Historical Museum in Shoreline, WA will hold an exhibit on NW Music in Southwest King County.  It will open on Saturday, February 21, 2004 at 6:00 pm, and run through June, 2004.  They still need to find musicians who lived, still live, or now live, in the area from 85th N. in Seattle to 205th in Shoreline.  They are especially looking for musicians who graduated from Shoreline and Shorecrest High Schools, or went to school at any of the Shoreline School District Jr. High  or Elementary Schools.

If you know where any of these musicians might be, please contact the museum at

749-N. 175th St
Shoreline, WA    98133
or contact the museum director, Vicki Stiles at:  (206)  542-7111 or by
E- Mail 


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